8 June 2011

I had breakfast with my host parents this morning – warm bread with nutella, coffee, and grapefruit juice. We talked about what my parents do and I realized pretty quickly that it’s hard to explain “IT Security Administrator” and “Director of Networking” to someone who speaks very little English. I learned that Andreas is a freelance social work and Evelyn is an engineer of some kind, although she’s on sabbatical until September.

Most of today was spent doing various orientation activities at the IES center. The only things I learned were the HTH (Highway To Health) phone number and that Germans refer to “Musical Chairs” as “The Journey to Jerusalem”. It’s the little differences, right Vince?

We did another short walking tour and ate lunch at the Mensa Nord cafeteria; curry, rice, quark (thick yogurt that tastes a bit like sour cream), and a sparkling apple juice for 3.50 euros isn’t bad at all. My friends Pily, Kelsey, Seth, and Megan and I spent a good fifteen minutes sifting through the IES guidebook (compiled by former students) looking for good jazz clubs and we’re planning on visiting “Acud” to go see some good jazz and jam sessions. Afterwards, a bunch of us walked to the bank to get out some more cash and to see the sights around Friederichstrasse. Seth and I were immediately caught by a Bentley in the window of a dealership, and sitting behind it was none other than…

After we managed to stop drooling on the window, we all journeyed back for the Welcome Dinner. It was excellent – more spaghetti, brie, kalamata olives, feta cheese, all kinds of fruit, and free cola. We met the professors who then gave their various spiels about the classes they teach.

Classes start tomorrow – 9am to 4pm. Thursdays are great…

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